Acapulco Pregnancy Necklace


Every mother has a strong connection with their children, even before they are born. You will be able to feel them moving and will have an unbreakable bond that you will cherish from day one. Our Acapulco Pregnancy Necklace supports the strengthening of the bond with your baby during pregnancy with a beautiful chiming pendant.

A delicate chime hangs from the long silk cord and rolls over your belly with your movements. The soft vibration of the chime creates an aura of calm and peace for your baby. Once baby is born, the delicate sound of the chime will reassure her by recalling the comfort and security that she felt in the womb. You can then place the pendant inside our comforter

Acapulco is available in 18k gold, 18k rose gold and silver.

The video below shows a Pregnancy Necklace in action so that you can hear the harmonious melody of the harmony ball.

Why we love it

  • Simple and chic pendant to style your bump during pregnancy.
  • Comes with a guide of mindfulness exercises for pregnancy.
  • Soft chime as a reminder of a unique pregnancy and the infinite and universal bond between mother and baby.
  • Check out our harmony ball necklaces comparison chart.

How to use

  • When should I start wearing my necklace? You can start wearing your maternity necklace from the first trimester. From the 5th month of pregnancy your baby will start to hear the melody of the pendant.
  • What benefits does Pregnancy Jewellery bring? It will help you connect with baby during the day as the soft melody reminds you of the miracle growing inside you. At night you can perform mindfulness exercises to relax and connect further.
  • What do I do with my Pregnancy Necklace once baby is born? You can securely sew the chiming pendant into our comforter or simply hang the necklace over the change table. The melody will reassure baby and remind him of his time inside the womb.
  • What is a bola necklace? All your answers here!

Composition of our Pregnancy Jewellery

  • Pendant: 18k plated gold, 18k plated rose gold or silver-tone brass.
  • Cord: fair trade silk.


  • Pendant diameter: 20 mm.
  • Cord length: 1100 mm.

Made in France

We Care for Children and Families.

Not only is Maison Mabé dedicated to the wellbeing of mums everywhere, but we are also a profit for good business. We donate 50% of its earning to not-for-profit partners the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and St Kilda Mums. Together, these organisations provide support for women, families and children, ensuring their safety, health and well being through their invaluable programs.


St Kilda Mums was founded in 2009 by a group of 5 mums. Their vision is to make sure children and families are happy, healthy and safe. This is possible when families can provide their children with the best possible foundation in life. To do so, they collect, sort and redistribute essential nursery equipment, clothing, books and toys for babies and school age children. 


MCRI specialises in discoveries that transform the health of children and is the largest child health research institute in Australia and one of the top three worldwide for research quality and impact. Maison Mabé's donations allow MCRI to seed fund groundbreaking research into some of the most significant health issues currently affecting Australian children, including allergies, asthma, cancer, diabetes, premature birth, obesity, genetic diseases and mental health. MCRI shares a campus with The Royal Children’s Hospital and works closely with the hospital as a Campus partner.


We Care for the Planet.

And at the core of all Maison Mabé’s business decisions is a commitment to care for the planet. Dedicated to sustainable practices, Maison Mabé work to minimise their carbon footprint, purchasing gold standard carbon offsets from the South Pole for all carbon emissions that cannot be eliminated.

Some of the steps that we take to minimise our carbon footprint include:

  • All our cardboard and paper packaging is made of recycled material and we are actively encouraging our suppliers to do the same.
  • Our printed material uses organic based non toxic inks and production is solar powered.
  • We stay away from plastic, especially single use plastic.
  • Maison Mabé's finances are held with an ethical bank that doesn’t invest in the fossil fuels, gambling, arms, tobacco and live export industries.
  • Our shipping partner operations are 100% carbon neutral.
  • Our skincare and herbal tea ranges are organic.

    Maison Mabe Carbon Neutral Commitment

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love this necklace!
Beautiful necklace, very happy with my purchase.
Love it, looks even better in real life
Pregnancy necklace
Thanks for your review and feedback Lisa. Our newest and current collection doesn't have the silver thread in the silk cord. I will happily send you one of these cords if you'd like?

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