Nurturing the Women Behind the Children

At Maison Mabé, the attention shifts from babies and children to the women raising them. Motherhood is such a wild roller coaster of emotions and never ending to do lists such that it is dangerously easy to forget about ourselves.

Here you will find a nurturing space helping women to flourish in their role as mothers while focusing on themselves and prioritising self care.

Maison Mabé is all about nurturing the women behind the children.

Because It is impossible to pour from an empty cup

If, as a parent, you are struggling to put yourself first and carve out time to self-care, know that you are not alone in this situation. The National Working Families Report, an annual survey that interviewed more than 6,000 parents and carers in Australia, actually found two-thirds of parents were struggling to look after their own physical and mental health.

Maison Mabé is here to support mothers and everyone that loves them into putting themselves top of the priority list. Because it is impossible to pour from an empty cup, it is okay to put yourself first.


Our Founders

Founded in 2020, Maison Mabé is the blend of Marie and Bérengère, our founders' names - as well as Maman & Bébé, which means Mum and Baby in French.

First meeting at the local park swings

Like any good entrepreneurs' stories, Berengere & Marie met at the local playground while both in their last trimester of pregnancy and pushing their same aged daughters on the swings. No better way to create an instant connection.

They have 6 children between themselves. From the elation and slight terror of seeing a faint second line appear on a pregnancy test, to the meeting of that little person who will forever change your life, just like you, they have been through it all.

Creating a store that focus on women & mums-to-be.

Along their journey through motherhood, Marie and Bérengère were unable to find an Australian community that put the woman behind the children first. When they'd like to send a beautiful gift to a friend going through pregnancy, they could not find even one shop that would focus on the woman, the mum-to-be. Everything was about babies. So they decided to create it for themselves.

The result? A community focused on sisterhood, with quality products and sustainability at the centre of it all.

With Maison Mabé, Marie and Bérengère want to shift the focus back to you mama.