Maison Mabe cares for the planet and takes climate action. Minimising our carbon footprint is at the core of all our business decisions. 
We are purchasing gold standard carbon offsets from South Pole for all carbon emissions that we could not eliminate.

Some of the steps that we take in minimising our carbon footprint include:

  • All our cardboard and paper packaging is made of recycled material and we are actively encouraging our suppliers to do the same.
  • Our printed material use organic based non toxic inks and production is solar powered.
  • We stay away from plastic, especially single use plastic.
  • Maison Mabé's finances are held with an ethical bank that doesn’t lend money to fossil fuels, gambling, arms, tobacco and live exports.
  • Our shipping partner operations are 100% carbon neutral.
  • Our skincare and herbal teas ranges are organic.

Maison Mabe Carbon Neutral Commitment