Why wear a harmony ball during your pregnancy?

As you rock your baby to the soothing sound of your Bola, in moments of calm and relaxation, you instill a sound imprint of love and well-being: that will tell your baby to associate the harmony ball sound with the safety of his life in-utero and the strength of your bond.

The beating of your heart, your voice, the soft music of your pregnancy necklace

It is around the fifth month of pregnancy that your baby's hearing begins to develop and that he starts to build a sound link with the outside world. This is an ideal time to start rocking your baby with the harmonious melody of your pregnancy Bola. After birth, this familiar melody will become a reassuring landmark for your newborn and continue to sooth them, reminding them of the comfort and security of their womb life.

In addition to its soothing virtues for the newborn, the Pregnancy Bola is above all a piece of jewellery with significance for mum-to-be. It is a lucky charm that keeps you protected from the very beginning of pregnancy. Its delicate sound, source of calm and harmony, is also a symbol of this strong, unique and intimate bond that unites you and your child. An invitation to calm down and relax for a moment, in the daily grind and responsibilities of everyday life, to connect with your baby and refocus on the essentials.

Ilado reinvents the pregnancy Bola, a ritual jewellery coming from Mayan mum-to-be

The ILADO brand is inspired by the rituals of mothers around the world. ILADO has been revisiting the traditional Maya Pregnancy Bola to make it a beautiful, meaningful piece of jewellery for modern mothers.

The pregnancy bola: a jewel to celebrate the unique bond between a mother and her baby

Rolling gently over your pregnant belly, the Harmony Ball produces a crystal-clear sound that brings serenity and harmony to mums-to-be and their babies. Mexican legend has it that the harmony ball calls for the presence of a benevolent guardian angel upon the mother and her child.

As pregnancy progresses, this sweet melody also becomes a sound link, inviting pregnant mothers to connect with their babies and forge a bond of love and well-being.

After birth, the familiar sound of the Pregnancy Bola will remind the newborn of the comfort and security of her uterine life, thus promoting her serene adaptation to the outside world.

To invite mothers-to-be to take full advantage of the benefits of their pregnancy Bola, ILADO has imagined a simple ritual, in 4 steps. By repeating this ritual daily, a sound imprint of love and well-being is created between the mother-to-be and her baby.

Poetic and symbolic creations to accompany mum-to-be and baby

The Flower of Life pregnancy bola

This maternity bola with an intricate and delicate design is inspired by the sacred geometric shape of the Flower of Life. It evokes the process of creation and growth and the universal vital energy. A powerful symbol to wear during pregnancy.

Mum-to-be Gift Box

Maison Mabe has created a complete gift set that will delight every mother-to-be. This gift set includes:

  • A pregnancy Bola, to bring the mum-to-be calm and relaxation while strengthening her bond with her baby.
  • An Angel Giraffe comforter in which she will insert her Harmony Ball pendant after the baby is born to continue to reassure him.
  • A Pregnancy Bola Guide, to learn all about the origin, benefits and mindfulness exercises to practice with the Bola necklace throughout pregnancy.

The Mum-to-be Gift Box is an unforgettable gift to celebrate this magical moment of life that is the arrival of a baby.