Top 14 of the best gifts for pregnant woman

Do you have a woman around you who is expecting a baby? This is the perfect opportunity to nurture her and find one or more gifts that will probably make her very happy. If you are lacking inspiration, take some ideas from our selection of special maternity gifts.

Your sister, your colleague or even your best friend has just announced that she is expecting a baby. Overjoyed, you probably already imagine yourself giving her adorable clothes, toys and blankets for her child.

But the mother-to-be also deserves some delicate attentions which will mark the occasion during her pregnancy. Do you lack inspiration? No worries, we have prepared a comprehensive list of gifts that you can get her. Bolas, maternity cushions, cosmetics, photo or massage sessions, there is something for everyone ... It is however important to know the young mother well to choose the personalized gift that will touch her or that will be useful in the meantime. the arrival of the baby.

Maternity Clothes

During pregnancy, the mum-to-be body will go through a lot of change and her current wardrobe is probably not prepared for these coming changes. This is the perfect opportunity to give the mother-to-be a gift voucher for clothes that will make her feel comfortable in her new body.

Maternity jeans with stretch in the waist or integrated belly band, larger tops or even comfortable pajamas, the choice is vast. There are more and more brands that offer cutting-edge maternity clothes that are a great investment as they will last many months, like Ripe Maternity.

Many well-known fast fashion brands have opened a section for pregnant women, however the quality of fabric might be lacking.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is often a trying experience, especially in the last few months. Feelings of heavy legs, back pain or great fatigue can ruin the life of a pregnant woman. So why not offer her a voucher for a pregnancy massage or an afternoon in a local spa with body or facial treatments as a gift?

It's a safe bet that she will thank you for offering her a moment of relaxation with wellness professionals. However, take into account that some massages are prohibited for pregnant women.

Other gifts that can only please expecting mothers: a session at a beauty salon and at the manicure or pedicure to be treated right down to the fingertips of the hands and feet.

Maternity Photo Shoot to Keep Memories

In pregnancy, a woman's belly gets bigger and bigger with every passing day. Before she gives birth and eventually regains her original figure, you can give her a pregnancy photo shoot as a gift.

The pregnancy will be immortalized forever thanks to a professional photographer. The session can also take place with her partner, who will also have memories of this unique moment. The price varies from photographer to photographer and start around 350$ minimum for a shooting.

Pregnant Belly Painting Session

In the same sort of ideas, there are the Pregnancy Belly Painting sessions. Artistic, these consist in embellishing and highlighting the round belly of the pregnant woman with a special paint. With an accompanying photo shoot, this gift will certainly be remembered by the future mother. It is an original gift that no one else will think about.

Festive Baby Shower

Has it only been a few days since the pregnant woman found out about her pregnancy? Maybe it's time to think about who will host and organise a surprise baby shower. You can bring her loved ones and family together to spend a day full of joy and good fun. Now is also the time to start betting on whether the child will be a girl or a boy and organize all kinds of games.

Childbirth & Parenting Book

The pregnancy lasts nine months. Some pregnant women love to browse the bookstore shelves for books that can help them anticipate the birth of their baby. Especially if it's a first child, a book on motherhood can guide expectant parents who surely have a thousand and one questions about the arrival in the world of their little one.

Whether it is a second degree book to put life with a baby into perspective or a book of advice produced by a pediatrician, the libraries are full of options. There are also books that bring together many name ideas for girls or boys, which will give future parents a little inspiration.

Pregnancy Body Pillow

Perhaps the expectant mother has trouble falling asleep or complains about pain frequently? If so, she may benefit from purchasing a maternity pillow that will enable her to lay on her stomach and quickly fall asleep. A pregnancy body cushion in particular is very useful in helping the pregnant woman to sleep comfortably, without having trouble finding the ideal position. This is a gift that will allow her to live better with her pregnancy. To relieve back pain, there are also pregnancy belly belts that will be even more useful postpartum.

Another maternity pillow that would be a great buy, is one that would double up as a nursing pillow and should make life easier for breastfeeding mothers.

Pregnancy Yoga or Pregnancy Pilates

A day at the spa is sure to be a relaxing experience, but offering a prenatal yoga session is also a great way to help a pregnant woman get to grips with her new body. Prenatal Pilates is also a great way to strengthen the pregnant body and stretch your mind.

Most of the yoga and pilates studios will also offer postnatal sessions that can be attended with baby in tow. A great way to gently support your body to regain strength after pregnancy and birth.

Elegant Photo Frame

After having done a pregnancy photo shoot or after having tried belly painting, you have to find a place to highlight the pictures. A nice photo album or an elegant frame so that parents can each day admire their child's 3D face, for example thanks to an ultrasound image, are all great gift ideas.

Organic Stretch Mark Cream

Being pregnant also means having difficulty with perfumes and very strong-smelling beauty products. This is why most pregnant women prefer to use shower gels, shampoos, creams or even makeup products with a neutral composition and no perfume. It goes without saying that buying organic cosmetics that won't make a future mother sick is a thoughtful and useful gift.

This is particularly true from well known brands Weleda or Eve & Rose. They both offer products with organic ingredients. It's worth noting that many brands offer special pregnancy gift boxes, which include stretch mark cream and other products for the skin or the hair.

Finally, why not buy products that are supposed to help and prevent stretch marks? Organic pregnancy oil also help with the often itchy skin on the belly that develops during pregnancy. These products come in the form of creams, serums and oils. As always, make sure to pick a product that is certified organic.

Organic Pregnancy Tea

We stay in the theme of pampering and nurturing your friend who is expecting a baby. Many pregnant and breastfeeding women drink herbal tea to ease their annoying symptoms. Some herbal teas can be safely consumed during pregnancy or breastfeeding as long as they are limited to 1 or 2 cups daily and the physician is consulted first.

Pregnancy Jewellery

It may sound amazing, but there are jewellery that are specially designed for pregnant women. We are talking about a harmony ball necklace here also known as a bola. This is a chiming pendant with Mayan origins. These little bells that look like simple long necklaces emit a soft sound that is supposed to protect from evil spirits. Believe it or not, these would also make it possible to create a bond with baby from the 4th month of pregnancy onward. Indeed, at this time, the fetus is able to hear noises.

But not everyone is a fan of the harmony ball pregnancy necklace. If pregnancy necklace are not going your thing, even in the form of a bracelet, you can give the mother-to-be a personalized piece of jewellery, with a customised message written on it.

Pregnancy Milestones Cards

You don't necessarily think about it, but cards showing each stage of pregnancy can make a really nice gift to pregnant women. They will help to remember how she experienced being pregnant. On each card, representing each month, she will be able to write her impressions, her feelings, but also the evolution of her baby. There are many different designs available with different illustrations, but all of them allow the expecting mum to keep in mind the amazing memories you have gone through for 9 months.

Gifts that will be useful in several months

You still have time, but it can be a good idea to anticipate the birth and already plan for items that will be used by parents on a daily basis.

For example, buying as a gift a nappy bag designed with many pockets for nappies, wipes, tissues, but also a change of clothes, will allow pregnant women to be fully prepared for baby and not have to rush in store after birth.

Do you know if the expectant mother is planning to breastfeed her baby? If she is, another great option is to get her a nursing tee with hidden breast accesses on the side to allow her to breastfeed baby everywhere and anywhere confidently.