The complete guide of breastfeeding - Part 1

Breastfeeding is rarely something that we prepare for - however it is probably the steepest learning curve for any new mum, even for mums that don't plan on breastfeeding!

Whatever your intentions are regarding the way your baby will be fed, you are in the right place mama! This guide will outline all the important things you need to know and give you pointers for other free resources to learn more.

Do you know your breasts?

This sounds like a silly question, but do you actually know your breasts and how these organs operate?
There are lots of misconception about them: many people figure that they are some sort of bag that get full or empty of milk, another misconception is around the size of the breasts - the largest producing more milk then their smaller friends.
Both of these ideas are completely false and true myths. 

Breasts are mostly glands and they work like several little milk factories. These factories only start producing after a pregnancy - before then they are dormant units, bidding their time.
Your breasts get ready for their important role as soon as the first trimester of pregnancy. Chances are that you have noticed early on that their size have increased. Indeed, hormones from the placenta have signalled to your breasts that it was time to start and get ready.

Why and how to choose breastfeeding?

Nowadays, breastfeeding isn't essential to our babies' survival. We are very lucky to live in a country with easy access to clean water and formula, making breastfeeding an option rather than a necessity. So why would one choose to breastfeed?

Here are some questions that you might want to consider if you are wondering whether to breastfeed or not:

  • Do I want to experience this?
  • Is my body and mind ready to feel full of milk, with a baby sucking and drinking from my nipples?
  • Will I feel confident to breastfeed in public? (quick note - our collection of 100% organic cotton nursing T-Shirts can help with that! ;-))

Breastfeeding is a very intense and intimate experience and you do not have to decide right now whether to breastfeed or not. I thought I would hate the feeling of having a little body stuck to mine and actually loved it. You can give it a go for a few hours, a few days and decide that it is for you or not. You can also stop and start again later on or complement with formula. Like most things in life, this is not an either/or decision.

At Maison Mabé, we believe that the only good reason to choose to breastfeed is because the mother wants to. Whether it's because you believe it is the best option for your baby, or because you want to experience that extra connection with your baby, or simply because you enjoy it, what really matters is that it is your body your choice. 

Read below for a quick peak at what Part 2 of our breastfeeding guide will cover:

Breastfeeding myths

  1. Breastfeeding will damage my breasts
  2. I have small breasts so I won't have enough milk
  3. Bottle feeding is quicker and easier
  4. I will not lose the "baby weight" if I breastfeed
  5. Breastfeeding is exhausting
  6. Breastfeeding babies have a higher IQ

How to prepare for breastfeeding

If you'd like any specific point covered, please drop us a message!