Stretch Marks removal : solutions and treatments

Stretch Marks after pregnancy : causes

Two causes mostly explain the appearance of stretch marks:

  • a hormonal upheaval,
  • a rapid and violent weight gain.

They come from a brutal and rapid stretching of the skin, responsible for the breakage of collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis, the second layer of the skin. Horizontal or vertical lines are then formed on the skin, similar to scars.

Stretch marks can affect a woman at any age. This often happens during puberty, successive diets or pregnancy when stretch marks are more likely to appear on upper arms, thighs, belly and breasts.

Some women are more sensitive to it. This is particularly the case for fair and young skin. Genetics also play a role: your probability of having stretch marks is higher if your mother has had them before you.

Stretch Marks removal : treatment

Anti-stretch mark creams and anti-stretch mark oils remain the first totally painless, inexpensive and effective treatment to make your stretch marks less visible. On red or purple stretch marks, the sooner you apply your cream after the appearance of stretch marks, the more effective the treatment will be. On white stretch marks, cream and oil strengthen the suppleness of your skin and help them to lose thickness. 

Maison Mabé choice : Eve & Rose Post Pregnancy Bundle 

Composed of two organic skincare compatible with breastfeeding, Eve & Rose Post Pregnancy Bundle has been developed to meet the needs of young mothers: effectively removing stretch marks that may have appeared during pregnancy and toning the skin. The Anti Stretch Marks Double Action Serum and the Organic Body Lotion are applied alternately morning and evening for a visible result in a few weeks. They contain natural active ingredients to make your stretch marks less visible and tone your skin. Only regular and long-term application will be successful 


Laser stretch mark removal : how it works ?

If the appearance of stretch marks is a problem for you, laser may be useful.  

The laser is one of the most effective solutions to erase stretch marks. It can only be used by  a specialist. It can be used either on red or white stretch marks.

  • The vascular works best for treating new stretch marks. It targets the striated area very precisely and sends out light rays which heat the epidermis. This helps the production of collagen, thereby improving the texture and colour of the area.


If the vascular laser is most frequently used on stretch marks, other techniques exist to soften and blur the stretch marks by colouring or smoothing the skin.

  • Ablative fractional lasers. This laser will have a real effect on the epidermis. It will destroy the tissues in order to force the skin to regenerate. The body’s natural healing processes then replace the damaged skin with new and healthy tissue. It is of course the most aggressive laser on the skin but also the most effective on thick skin with white stretch marks. The scarring process lasts between 3 and 10 days.

  • Non-ablative fractional lasers. This laser is less aggressive because there is no break in the epidermal barrier. This non-invasive technique involves stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin. It is used on exposed areas, where the skin is often the thinnest.


Stretch Marks removal : other treatments

  • Unlike scrubs that are made of smooth natural components, peeling procedures imply to use aggressive chemical substances. In most cases, local anaesthesia may be used.
  • It’s a rather painful procedure as it removes several layers of the epidermis with the help of aluminium oxide crystals. The method is supposed to force newer and younger skin to grow faster.
  • Plastic surgery. Sometimes people turn to this method of removing the damaged skin and replacing it with healthier skin. Such operations are quite expensive and take much more time to recover from — up to 8 months in some cases. Surgical scars may appear after the operation.
  • You can cover your stretch marks with tattoos. Success depends on your skin, and the tattoo artist’s experience with this kind of tattoo.