Our guide to choose your stretch mark cream

When do stretch marks appear during pregnancy?

Skin elasticity is very challenged during pregnancy, as early as the start of the 2nd trimester. During pregnancy, we produce more cortisol, a steroid hormone that inhibits and weakens collagen formation in our skin. Consequently, the middle layer of skin known as the dermis is stressed more than it can tolerate, its fibres start to break and stretch marks appear.

A rapid and significant weight gain is another factor that increases your skin sensitivity and potential weakness. 

Initially, stretch marks resemble wrinkly raised scars that can go from red, deep purple or dark brown in colour. Gradually and over time, stretch marks soften and lighten in colour to end up as a silvery colour often for life. Stretch marks can reach ten centimetres in length and be up to 1.5 centimetres wide.

Stretch marks usually appear on your stomach or sometimes on your upper thighs or breasts as your pregnancy progresses. It can also affect the legs, lower back or arms.  Some women are more prone to stretch marks than others: the genetic capital plays a certain role in the predisposition. Women who have had stretch marks in their teens are more likely to see new stretch marks appear during pregnancy.


Stretch Marks Cream to protect and support healing

You need to read the list of ingredients very carefully to select a qualitative stretch mark cream. Indeed, quality can vary greatly. The INCI list, which is compulsory on each cosmetic product label, provides detailed information about the product composition. All ingredients are arranged in descending order.

When picking the best product for your skin, you need to consider two points:

- Are the ingredients of the formula effective in preventing stretch marks? Nourishing and soothing active ingredients are best to help protect your skin. Those ingredients will help and prepare your skin for the extended stretch it will undergo during pregnancy. You want to be looking for ingredients like Shea Butter, Argan, Macadamia, Vitamin E, etc.

- How much of those active ingredients are present in the cream? A certain amount of active ingredients is required to have a significant effect on the skin. We would recommend looking for a cream with a minimum of 98% of active ingredients.


Stretch mark cream Australia: Maison Mabe

At Maison Mabé we are very prudent about pregnancy skincare product selection. The skincare industry offers many stretch marks products and some of them contain troublesome ingredients. The current industry standards and regulations do not incentive for skincare companies to increase the quality of their products as they simply don’t have to.  

Many studies have shown that ingredients present in cosmetic formulas can be later found in the placenta, so caution is advised. We believe that an organic label is an excellent guarantor of both quality and safety. For these reasons, we have selected an organic skin care range to protect your skin, comfort and beauty during pregnancy: Eve & Rose.

Eve & Rose offers a range of luxurious, pregnancy-safe beauty products, produced in France to meet the needs of pregnant women and new mothers. Their unique formulas are based on organic, natural active ingredients, meeting the highest standards of efficiency, fragrance and texture.

Eve & Rose products are free from all controversial ingredients, such as endocrine disruptors, parabens, and free from other risky ingredients such as alcohol, essential oils, etc.


Best stretch mark cream for pregnancy

Shea body butter is an effective way of treating stretch marks thanks to its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. During pregnancy, it promotes your skin elasticity with its high vitamin A content. After childbirth, it helps to fade stretch marks already present by visibly reducing the scars and colorations of the dermis. This natural ingredient has it all when it comes to preventing and repairing the skin of stretch marks.

Maison Mabé's Choice:  Eve & Rose Nourishing Body Lotion

Eve & Rose Nourishing Body Lotion will nourish, firm up and help heal skin tissue during and after pregnancy. Its unique blend is composed of nourishing active ingredients and regenerating active ingredients: shea butter, sesame and argan oils, aloe vera and dermo chlorella extract and Vitamin E. This soft lotion is vegan and organic certified. It is compatible with all skin types, even the most sensitive. It is also worth noting that you can safely apply this lotion while breastfeeding.