Why do you deserve a push present?

What’s a push present?

A push present, sometimes called a birth present, is offered by the partner to celebrate the new mum and acknowledge all the hard work that came with the pregnancy and the birth. It’s called labour for a reason! So here’s why you absolutely deserve one:

  1. Pick me up gift. Let’s be honest, your life is about to change in a major way. Sure, you will be bowled over by a love that you have never experienced before. You will cry from happiness and spend hours gazing at your baby. But chances are that you will also be exhausted and having a hard time adjusting to your post pregnancy body. This push present might just the little pick me up that the doctor will order.
  2. Birth-day Keepsake. It is hard to find any other time more special than the arrival of a newborn in the life of a woman. The birth itself is such an exceptional moment that you will remember forever. A push present could be a keepsake and sentimental reminder of that special time.
  3. Newborns get covered in gifts, don’t forget the mums. The vast majority of gifts after a birth are for the newborn. It can be a hard adjustment for the mum. She has been doted on for all her pregnancy and as soon as her newborn is here, she takes a second spot. Push present is a way to signal that they matter too and are not forgotten.


5 Amazing Push Presents

  • Sentimental Jewellery. Jewellery is the most traditional push present. It is timeless and can be kept onto for an entire life. We love the Amulet from Ilado Paris. It is very simple yet classy and can be customised with special charms: the initial of your bundle of joy, a birthstone or even a lock of hair.
  • Post-Natal Doula Services. In many cultures, right after birth, the mum is being pampered and looked after for weeks while she focuses on resting, recovering and bonding with her baby. To allow for this special nurturing time, an army of family and friends is looking after her home and family. If you don’t have a strong family network, an awesome birth present could be the services of a post-natal doula. She’ll offer emotional support, help with the washing, watch over the baby while you take a long shower. In short, she’ll offer you some time for yourself.
  • New piece of quality clothing. After wearing the same pregnancy clothes day in day out for the past 6 months, I bet that you will be ready for some fresh new quality clothes. Personally, I wasn’t ready to transition to a boring breastfeeding wardrobe, so I was over the moon when my partner offered me a nursing top from France that was both trendy & comfortable. You can now get them locally, there are Australian made and 100% organic cotton.
  • Food! Wine! I’m sure that you are already planning your first meal post birth. Nothing like a delicious slice of runny brie, or maybe some fresh sushis, whatever food you had to abstain during pregnancy. Top it up with wine, beer or champagne and you are set with the most delicious push present. Enjoy!


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