Everything you ever wanted to know about nursing tees in Australia

Do I really need to wear nursing tees?

Every breastfeeding journey is different, even the same women will have completely different experiences from one child to another. So, there is no straight answer to this question.
If you value comfort, ease of wear and some breast or chest coverage while feeding your child, then we believe that nursing tees are essential. They are an easy and simple solution that will ensure that you are always ready to feed on demand anywhere anytime without having to drop any layers.

How many nursing tops do I need?

With approximately 8 feeds per day in the beginnings and as many risks of leaks or stains on your tops, you’ll need to have a few spare breastfeeding tops. Start with a couple of nursing outfits to make sure that you have found the right fit and style for you. Once you do, stock up so that you always have a clean and dry top to wear in the morning.

What size of breastfeeding tops should I buy?

It is very important to choose the right size when considering nursing tees. The last thing you want is to choose a t-shirt that is too tight and compresses your breasts, especially between feedings, when your chest size is at its maximum.
To ensure that you do pick the right size, grab a measuring tape, and measure your chest circumference. Do not skip this step even if you believe you know the number. You may be surprised by the change in volume that breastfeeding brought to your body.
It’s best to measure your chest before a feed. Armed with this measurement, you will be able to choose the right size for you.

How do nursing tees work?

With cleverly hidden openings under each arm, these Australian made nursing tops have press studs at the side openings, making it easy to open and close one handed.
You do not need to put your hungry baby down to prepare for a feed. Simply open the press studs with one hand, and voilà! No more bothersome wraps or covers, breastfeed comfortably and easily anywhere thanks to hidden side openings.

Where are Maison Mabe nursing tees made?

Maison Mabe is one of the very few Australian brands that have kept its manufacturing in Australia. That’s right, all our nursing tees are made right here in Melbourne. Even our organic cotton is milled in Melbourne.
We choose to keep our production local so that we can visit the atelier, get to know the seamstresses, keep fashion skills alive in Australia, and minimise our carbon footprint by keeping kilometres traveled to a minimum.

Which cotton are your nursing made of?

Our made in Australia breastfeeding tees are made of organic cotton milled in Melbourne.
This top will stretch without problem and allow you to nurse your baby comfortably. It is made from organic cotton that isn't pesticide-treated and from seeds that aren't genetically modified.

What make your nursing tees so special?

Did you know that Maison Mabé is a profit-for-good business? 50% of profits are donated to the Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI) and St Kilda Mums to be able to support mums around the world.
Your purchase of Australian nursing tees helps mums in need and their families.

What does Maison Mabe breastfeeding tees design mean?

Fitted for easy wear, this breastfeeding t-shirt style will go great with your favourite jeans or shorts. The name "L'Amour Fou" in French means "Mad Love," or your love for this little person that changed your whole life.
Lactating mamas everywhere are our inspiration, and our Milky Way print is a subtle node to the sisterhood.

When should I start buying my nursing tops?

A nursing t-shirt is not an essential item in a breastfeeding mum's wardrobe. Take your time, there is no rush, so give yourself some time to find out if you really need one.
When you come home with your fresh baby, you will have many other things to think about and figure out. Nursing t-shirts can be very practical when you are ready to resume your social or professional life, or just treat yourself.
Waiting a bit before making your purchase also allows you to take stock of your post-baby body shape and invest in an outfit that best suits you.

Why you will love your breastfeeding tops?

As a breastfeeding mum, I knew all too well the struggle to find elegant, ethically made clothes that offer easy feeding access. I couldn't find a top that didn't have excess fabric around the stomach to accommodate a bump and at 12 months post-partum I was ready to wear normal clothes.
Our nursing tees have been developed by a group of breastfeeding mamas and will make you feel normal again. Maison Mabe breastfeeding tops may not be the cheapest but they might be the best and won't cost the earth <3