Everything you need to know about Nappy Bags & how to pick the best one

Do I need a nappy bag?

When you go out somewhere with baby, it is crucial to be prepared & take several essentials with you: nappies, wipes, change of cloths, some toy or books, his bottle if baby is bottle fed or snacks. And that's even without thinking about what you ned to bring for yourself: water bottle, phone, wallet...

As a result, the space in your usual bag, no matter how big, is often not enough. Of course, you can still carry everything in a small bag, but it's not very practical.

The nappy bag is therefore seen as an essential, because it has been specially designed to accommodate all of baby's small items. Practical, it is indeed equipped with many storage and compartments where you can slip and coordinate all the necessary baby stuff as well as your own belongings.

This will keep you everything you need at your fingertips, without having to rummage through your bag for a long time.

The different types of nappy bags

There was a time when diaper bags came in the form of a standard bag, often slung over the shoulder and with floral designs all over it. Over the years, however, baby brands have tried to adapt this childcare accessory not only to the various needs of parents, but also to current trends. This is how we now distinguish several types of diaper bags:

The changing bag for strollers

As the name suggests, this type of diaper bag has an integrated fastening system that allows you to attach it to the baby stroller. Practical, the changing bag for strollers will allow you to carry all of your little one's stuff in comfort and convenience. You will be able to hang the bag on the handlebars of the stroller, instead of having to carry it on your back or your shoulders. This will make you feel lighter and less tired during outings and walks.

Nappy Bags Backpack

This is the perfect diaper bag if you prefer to carry your little angel in your arms when you go out. As its name suggests, the nappy backpack can be worn on the back. It is generally lightweight, with padded straps, for an even more comfortable fit. As your hands are completely free, you will feel less cluttered and can better focus on baby's well-being and needs during family outings.

Designer Nappy Bag

This type of nappy bag is both practical and trendy. It is the ideal companion for mothers who are looking for a chic and feminine bag to carry all the accessories and baby products without the bulk.

The nappy handbag has in fact been specially designed to be both fashionable and functional. Available in mini or XXL version, it can be transformed into a classic handbag once baby has grown up.

Nappy Bag Tote

The nappy bag tote is worn over the shoulder. This is the most common model, but contrary to what you might think, it is not at all out of date, quite the contrary! This is a trendy and modern diaper bag that presents the most suitable for both men and women. It has an adjustable shoulder strap system that allows you to adapt it to your size.

Unisex Nappy Bag

Brands and maternity stores are also thinking of men by offering a range of more masculine or unisex nappy bags, which can be used by the whole family. Fashion dads will have no trouble finding an original or understated nappy bag. Diaper bags for backpack, shoulder strap or stroller, there is many options available for all tastes and needs.

How to pick the best nappy bag for your circumstances?

Like the pram, the baby carrier or the travel cot, the nappy bag is an essential accessory for the well-being of baby and her parents. As such, it should definitely not be chosen at random. To be sure that you are making the best choice, you must take several criteria into account before setting your sights on a particular model.

Here are the points to consider before choosing the best nappy bag for you and your family:


The nappy bag differs from a standard baby bag in that it has several pockets and compartments specially designed to promote both practical and orderly storage of baby's belongings. This is the main advantage of this equipment, as it makes life much easier for parents when it comes to caring for an infant or toddler outside the hom.


Before choosing a diaper bag, you must first determine in which contexts it will be most useful to you, but also if you how frequently you plan to use it. Here are some examples:

  • If you are the globetrotter type and lover of long hikes, it is better to favor the backpack type models which are much less heavy and bulky to carry even when they are fully loaded.
  • If you always go out with your pram, prefer a nappy bag with a special attachment that will allow you to hang it on the handlebars.
  • In case you have twins or triplets, opt for a twin diaper bag that will allow you to carry all of your little angels' things without a hitch. This type of bag has the particularity of being equipped with double or triple pockets and compartments, so that everything can be stored in a single bag.

Regarding its capacity, you have the choice between a large nappy bag or a small nappy bag or even insert. It all depends on the nature of your outings: a short walk not far from home or a long weekend in the countryside? This will determine how much stuff you need to pack and therefore the size of the baby changing bag you need.


In addition to its many pockets and compartments, the nappy bag also has many options and features that make it both practical and multi-functional. There are, for example, changing bags with an insulated cover that keeps baby bottles and meals warm. Some models also include a mattress or change mat to allow you to change baby comfortably anywhere and anytime.


Some models of baby nappy bags are lighter than others. Note that the weight varies depending on the size, but also the number of features, or fabric used. For example, if it's a pram nappy bag, the weight won't matter so much, since you won't be carrying it frequently. On the other hand, if you prefer to carry your baby in a baby sling or baby carrier, that she stays close to you, it is better to opt for a light bag that will not weigh on your back or your shoulders, and therefore tire you out.


As an accessory that is both practical and trendy, the changing bag is now available in a wide choice of models for all budgets and financial means. The price obviously varies according to the options, the style, the quality, the number of compartments, but sometimes also according to the brand… On average, the price range starts around $80 at a minimum.

Design and colors

For moms and dads who like to take care of their look, this last point is of utmost importance. Opting for a trendy changing bag makes it possible to combine the useful with the pleasant: you will always remain fashionable, even with a baby and a large nappy bag in your arms. Nowadays, the nappy bag comes in a wide choice of colors, shapes and patterns that allow it to adapt to all styles and tastes of parents.

What are the essentials to have in your nappy bag?

The nappy bag is made to accommodate everything necessary for baby's well-being during outings, walks or trips. Still, some new parents have no idea what to put and carry in this super-practical baby bag. We tell you everything!

A changing mat

Most brands specializing in childcare articles offer models of changing bags that include a baby changing mat or mat. This accessory must be on your list of things to bring in your diaper bag, if only to do justice to the name of the latter. In any case, one in addition to the other is essential to make your little one more comfortable while you change his diaper.

The insulated lunch bag

At noon or at snack time, it is always better for baby to eat a hot meal. But rather than going to a restaurant or carrying a bottle warmer, you can prepare your little angel's milk and puree in advance, then slip the bottle and baby jars into the compartment or the insulated pouch. This special pocket will keep baby's meal warm for several hours, while waiting for lunch.

The diaper pocket

Baby diapers & wipes are obviously a must-have for parent and baby outings, even if it's only for a few hours. But rather than stuffing them all together, store them in a diaper pocket that you will then slip into one of the compartments of your nappy  bag.

Baby's essentials

Besides the diapers, the meal or the change mat, many other baby items can be added to your nappy bag. Here are some ideas of other items to take with you:

  • Other meal accessories such as a bib.
  • Spare change of clothes in case of nappy explosions, or other spillage.
  • Nappy cream,
  • Sun cream,
  • A few toys or books.