Harmony balls: the results of the survey from real mamas!

Review and feedback about Harmony Balls

For the first time, a survey was conducted among 182 women, aged from 19 to 45 year old, who use or have used a Pregnancy Bola Harmony Ball from our favorite brand, Ilado.

The results are unanimous: 99% of the mamas surveyed would recommend a pregnancy harmony ball to a friend, 93% agree that the sound of the pregnancy Bola is soothing and 72% that the baby reacts to its soft vibrations. The benefits of wearing a pregnancy Bola are finally demonstrated!

Why wear a pregnancy Bola?

The women surveyed bought a Harmony Ball necklace for one or more of the following reasons:

  • to communicate with the baby (82%),
  • for the beautiful tradition of the jewel (67%),
  • for its aesthetics (58%),
  • to appease the new- born after birth (51%),
  • to relax (17%).

They agree that the Bola is a great pregnancy gift idea. One of the participants said that she bought this pregnancy necklace to draw attention to her belly and not be pushed around, for example in public transport. And it worked.

What happens to the Bola after the baby is born?

75% of participants continue to use the Pregnancy Bola after the birth of their baby. They continue to wear it like a jewel (24%), they inserted it in the blanket for Bola Ilado (25%) or in another blanket (9%), hung it on the stroller, the cradle or the baby (14%), put it in a keepsake box for the child (3%), or take it out occasionally to play with and calm the baby (2%).

Is Pregnancy Bola effective in calming the newborn?

59% of users who have given birth had the reflex to use the Pregnancy Bola when the baby seemed sad, upset or tired. 56% of them found it to have a calming effect on their newborn baby!

How to use Bola during pregnancy?

More than 50% of users practice the pregnancy Bola ritual created by ILADO to fully enjoy the benefits of their pregnancy Bola.
The study indicates that the ritual is performed between 3 and 5 times a week in 53% of cases, and once or twice a week in 24% of cases. 18% of expectant mothers practice the ritual every day.

What are the effects of the pregnancy ritual and Bola on mother and baby?

The survey shows that 88% of mothers feel soothed during the ritual and that 88% of babies tend to react to the sound vibrations of the Pregnancy Bola. Overall, 93% of participants agree that the sound of the Pregnancy Bola is soothing, 72% that the baby reacts when they roll the Pregnancy Bola onto their tummy and 34% that their partner also sometimes or often uses the Pregnancy bola to communicate with the baby, both during pregnancy and after birth.

The Harmony Ball: a nice maternity gift idea

According to our survey, 78% of participants purchased the jewelry for their own use during their pregnancy. In 22% of cases, it is a gift!

What our users have to say about Ilado Pregnancy Bolas

Among the strengths of the Ilado harmony ball necklaces, the participants noted the design and aesthetics of the pregnancy necklace (91%), as well as its quality (46%). 92% of expectant mothers love the sound of Ilado Pregnancy Bolas, and 99% of them would recommend them to a friend!