harmony ball, a mother-baby bonding tool

Harmony Balls are like a tender whisper for your baby. Their rhythm and calm frequency soothe your baby almost at once as soon as it's heard, as well as the lulling effect that they produce on yourself.

Magnificent jewel to wear on your round belly, the harmony ball pregnancy necklace is also a tool to strengthen the prenatal bond between a mother and her child. We will explain how to use your pregnancy necklace as a ritual of connection to your baby: a moment to listen to your sensations, your feelings, a listening to your child, already forging the bond.

The Harmony ball whisper

Sensitive to its environment, the fetus perceives sounds from the 17th week, and processes all of the five senses information from the 19th week. This is when the exchange with its parents begin. At the end of the 2nd trimester, your baby will measure approximately 25 cm from head to bum and weigh around 1 kilogram.

It is between the 2nd and the 3rd trimester that the fetal hearing will begin. Between the 26th and the 28th week, the fetus is being rocked by the sounds coming from the cardiac, digestive and circulatory system of her mother. She also perceives the sounds coming from outside: voices, even more so that of hers mother, the music, especially the percussions and the bass, the sounds of engines. Note that low frequencies, such as her father's voice or low notes are best perceived. High-pitched sounds are filtered by the lining of the abdomen, which lowers the sound intensity by 20 to 50 decibels, the equivalent of a whisper.

The ringing of the pregnancy Bola would therefore be a whisper emitted to baby, soothing him as soon as it is perceived, by its rhythm and its gentle frequency but also by the soothing effect produced on his mother.

A bonding ritual with your baby using your harmony ball

Beyond its ornamental role, the pregnancy Bola that you wear can become an invitation to connect with your child, during a daily ritual:

  • Start by exploring the different sounds your harmony ball can make depending on its movements over your belly or in the palm of your hand
  • Signify this bonding moment with your baby with a gesture, for example by placing a hand on your belly and holding your pregnancy Bola in the palm of your other hand
  • Take a few breaths, to practice active listening here and then. Maybe you will be able to perceive colors, shapes, sensations that your relaxed and open mind allows you to feel. You can deepen this state through self-hypnosis to relax even more.

This daily ritual will become your special moment with baby and deepening the bond between you and baby. After birth, you will be able to use the sounds of the Pregnancy Bola to relax and calm baby, remind him of his time in-utero and of the deep state of well being felt then.

Indeed, studies have shown that infants can "remember" sounds regularly heard in the womb. For this reason, make sure to create a frequent exchange with your baby during pregnany. Talk to him or her aloud, or in a low voice, and do not hesitate to use your Pregnancy Bola in a soothing ritual for you and baby.

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