What is a Harmony Ball necklace? [2022]

The complete harmony ball necklace guide

They look gorgeous draped over a pregnant belly and have a beautiful, melodious chime. But there’s so much more to the harmony ball necklace than a fashion or musical statement.

Steeped in tradition and a lovely way to connect with your baby in the womb, these pregnancy necklaces are a must have for every mum.

From what is a harmony ball necklace to the benefits of the harmony ball chime, we answer all your harmony ball questions. 

What is a harmony ball necklace?

Traditionally gifted to pregnant women at the start of their pregnancy, a harmony ball necklace is considered a protective amulet. The harmony ball pendant is worn on a long necklace so that it rests over the bump of the expectant mother and protects both the baby and the mum. Today they are seen as a symbolic piece of jewellery to mark your pregnancy, much like a wedding band symbolises the commitment of marriage. 

The outside of the harmony necklace is composed of a brass sphere, covered with silver or plated with fine gold. Inside, you’ll find a brass grid with two micro beads, which essentially acts as a xylophone. As the harmony ball moves, the beads dance around the grid, creating the crystal clear and melodious sound of the Bola. 

The harmony ball necklace is also known by many other names including Bola necklace, Angel Caller, maternity necklace or pregnancy necklace. It can be worn all day long, just like any other piece of jewellery you might wear. They are simple and chic so can be accessorised with any outfit or layered with other necklaces for a cascading effect. 

Our Maison Mabé Bola necklaces each come with a daily ritual guide. This Bola ritual is designed to be completed everyday to help create a sound imprint of love from the harmony ball charm. 

Do pregnancy necklaces work? We surveyed 182 customers who have purchased our harmony ball necklaces. 88% reported feeling soothed when they perform this daily ritual. 88% of mothers also believe that their baby responds positively to the ritual. 

What is the origin of the harmony ball necklace?

Believe it or not, the harmony ball origin stems back to the ancient Mayans. A deeply spiritual people, the harmony ball is connected to one of their legends called “Llamador de Angeles”, or “Angel Caller”. 

The Mayans believed that once upon a time, people lived with their guardian angel until one day they were separated. As the angels left they gave each of their humans a small harmony ball. The chime of this ball would summon the protection of the guardian angel. 

In the Mayan culture, each harmony ball is deeply personal. It should not be shared as it is a direct link to your unique guardian angel.

The Bola or harmony ball tradition is well known in Mexico but it’s also well established in Bali. Either way, it’s a beautiful tradition that’s increasing in popularity right here in Australia. 

Why wear a pregnancy necklace?

Other than being a stylish addition to your maternity wardrobe, a harmony ball pregnancy necklace can have a number of benefits for expectant mothers. These include:

  1. RelaxationThe melodious sound played by the harmony ball is relaxing and mesmerising. It reminds the mother to take a moment during the day to slow down, breathe, and centre on the life that is growing inside her. Interestingly, recent research has shown that even just 20 minutes of daily relaxation, using any relaxation technique, can significantly reduce maternal stress.
  2. BondingAs your baby starts to recognise the soft chime of the harmony ball they will move towards it as it moves. By using the daily ritual guide that comes with your Bola pregnancy necklace, you can start to deepen your connection with your baby while they’re in the womb. You can also encourage other family members, such as your partner, parents or other children, to join in on your mindfulness sessions so they can also enjoy bonding with your baby.
  3. Calming babyThe sounds that babies hear in the womb are often comforting to them once they are born. If you continue to wear your harmony ball necklace after your baby is born, the sound of the necklace may continue to provide them comfort and calm as a reminder of their time in the womb. 

The ultimate pregnancy fashion accessory

Dressing for pregnancy isn’t always something that mums-to-be enjoy. You need to shop for a whole new wardrobe for your expanding belly.

But do you know what always fits, no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy? A necklace. 

Many expectant mums enjoy the familiarity of wearing their harmony ball necklace all throughout their pregnancy and beyond. It’s a stunning statement piece of jewellery that goes with any outfit. With the option to wear it long or short you can also change it to match your outfit.

When can you start wearing a pregnancy necklace?

Traditionally, it was thought that the harmony ball was a protective amulet for both mother and baby. For this reason, the harmony ball necklace was worn from the very early stages of pregnancy. 

However, when you start wearing it is completely up to you. If you feel connected to the traditional wisdom of the meaning behind the Bola necklace, you can start wearing it as soon as you fall pregnant. Otherwise, you might choose to wear it when you feel the need to deepen your connection with your baby. 

There is no right or wrong time. It’s up to your personal preference. 

What’s the best way to wear the harmony ball necklace?

There are two different ways to wear the necklace for pregnancy. During the day, it’s most common for women to wear the pregnancy Bola at heart level. The soft ringing from the charm is very subtle at this height and it is a beautiful piece of jewellery for accessorising with your maternity outfits.

When you want to bond with your baby, you can lengthen the chain of the Bola necklace so that it rolls gently on your tummy. When you wear it at this length, the harmony ball emits a soft, crystal-clear tinkle. 

You also have the option to hold the pregnancy Bola in the palm of your hand to feel it's soothing musical vibrations. Many expectant mothers like to do this as a form of relaxation. 

How to choose a pregnancy harmony ball?

A harmony ball necklace is one of the best pregnancy gifts. But the reality is, not all harmony ball necklaces are created equal. Whether you’re buying it for someone else or buying it for yourself, there are definitely some things you need to consider.


If an inferior sound mechanism is used in the harmony ball, the sound can be tinny or the melody off. We pay special attention to the sound mechanism of our pregnancy Bolas to ensure the highest sound quality. 


A quality pregnancy Bola should be nickel tested, lead free and cadmium free. Maison Mabé Bolas are made with brass and plated with either rhodium silver or 18k fine gold. Our cords are made from fair trade silk and our chains are tested to withstand a pull of up to 3kg. All of our Bolas are tested in a French laboratory to ensure they meet our high quality standards. 


You can find pregnancy Bolas that have a smooth rounded surface or ones that are intricately decorated with delicate patterns. There is considerable workmanship that goes into creating these beautiful designs. It’s best to look around and choose a style that matches with your personal style. 


If you’re giving the harmony ball necklace as a gift, presentation is everything. Our pregnancy Bolas come in a beautiful box, accompanied by a 16 page guide explaining the origins and benefits of the harmony ball necklace. 

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Can babies really hear external sounds from within the womb?

Babies can start to hear sound from about 18 weeks gestation. By 24 weeks gestation they are more sensitive to those sounds and by 25-26 weeks gestation babies start to respond to noises and voices. Impressive little things, aren’t they?!

Research has also shown that babies can actually retain memories of the sounds they hear in the womb. Another study has shown that fetuses do become familiar with the sound of their mother’s speech.

How can I make the most of the Bola ball chime while I’m pregnant?

Making a daily ritual is the best way to ensure you get the benefits from using your pregnancy necklace. Our Maison Mabé pregnancy necklaces come with a mindfulness guide to help you.

All you need is a few minutes each day. Place one hand on your baby bump and with the other hand move your Bola pendant around your belly. Gently rock along with the rhythm of the melody. This ritual will help to bring a sense of calm to your day and ensure you take time out to enjoy the experience of being pregnant. It will also help your baby to associate the sound of the harmony ball with their time in the womb. 

You might like to incorporate your Bola ball ritual into your other mindfulness practice. Or you could also do it after you have massaged your belly with organic oil.

Is the sound from the harmony ball necklace annoying?

In short, no! For starters, the harmony ball chime is very subtle. It’s not an overly loud noise and after you’ve been wearing it for a few days you might not even notice the sound at all. 

The Bola ball sound is quite harmonious and even mesmerising. Many people find it relaxing and soothing. 

While you might think that the harmony ball will be rolling around and chiming with every slight movement, that’s not the case. It actually takes a conscious effort to make the necklace roll and vibrate. 

If the noise does worry you, or you’re wearing it in a situation where you need to keep the sound to a minimum, you can always shorten the chain. At this shorter length, worn over your heart, the Bola ball chime will become even more subtle.

How can I use my harmony ball necklace once my baby is born? 

Many women still choose to wear their Bola necklace even when they’re not pregnant. It’s a beautiful reminder of the bond they share with their baby and a special piece of jewellery to treasure forever.

You may also be able to use your harmony ball charm to help soothe your baby. Mothers who wear a Bola ball necklace while pregnant often find that their babies calm down when they hear the familiar chime of the charm. You can use it alongside other techniques such as babywearing, singing lullabies and rocking your baby to sleep.

What materials are Maison Mabé harmony ball necklaces made with? 

Our harmony ball necklaces are made in France using traditional methods. Depending on the style you choose, the pendant will be plated with 18k gold or sterling silver. We use only the highest quality materials, including fair trade silk, in producing our harmony ball necklaces. 

We also have a range of necklaces that harness the benefits of lithotherapy, the centuries-old tradition that uses the energetic vibrations of stone to heal mind, body and soul. 

In collaboration with litho therapist Johann Chevillard, our Ilado harmony ball necklaces use a number of natural stones beneficial for mums-to-be. These include:

  • Amazonite - a stone of balance that can accompany mothers that can be beneficial for mothers who have a roller coaster experience during pregnancy.
  • Labradorite - a protective stone that can reassure worried mothers about the impending challenges of birth and parenting. 
  • Chrysoprase - a stone of an invigoration and openness, useful for restoring energy and bringing happiness and joy. 
  • Rose quartz - a stone that brings nurturing energy to the love between mother and baby.

Is Bola pregnancy jewellery easy to care for?

Yes, it’s relatively simple to care for Bola pregnancy jewellery - the better you care for it, the better it will age.

There are a few maintenance tips that will help you to preserve the shine and beauty of your necklace.

  • Avoid bringing your pregnancy Bola in contact with perfumes, cosmetics and chemicals. 
  • Remove your Bola necklace when swimming or showering.
  • Store your necklace in the Ilado case it comes in. 
  • Clean your necklace from time to time with a soft cloth. This can help to minimise the oxidation effects of air and moisture on the metal. 

If you have a pregnancy Bola with a rose gold or yellow gold finish, it’s possible for the patina to fade over time. This is very normal for gold plated jewellery.

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