What is a Harmony Ball necklace ?

Have you ever wondered what is a Harmony Ball? Wondered what is the point of wearing one during pregnancy? And what kind of melody does the chime emit? Look no more, you will find the answers to all your questions and more below!

What is a Harmony Ball necklace?

The Harmony Ball necklace, also called Bola, Angel caller, maternity necklace and pregnancy necklace is an ancient Mayan ritual. The Maya civilization was deeply spiritual and one of their legend was called the “Llamador de Angeles” which means the “Angel Caller". This legend explains that million years ago, people would live with their guardian angel. One day though, humans got separated from their guardian angels who had to leave for another place. The tradition says that the angels gave each of their human a small harmony ball. Each time a human would need to, they could call on the protection of their guardian angel by chiming the small harmony ball.
In the Mayan culture, each harmony ball is deeply personal and should not be shared as it is a direct link to your unique guardian angel.

A harmony ball is traditionally gifted to pregnant women from the start of pregnancy as a protective amulet. The harmony ball pendant is worn on a long necklace so that it rests over the bump of the expectant mother and protects both the baby and the mum.

What benefits does the Bola bring to the expecting mother?

There are three main benefits brought to the future mother by the harmony ball:

  • The melodious sound played by the harmony ball is relaxing and mesmerising. It reminds the mother to take a moment during the day to slow down, breathe, and centre on the life that is growing inside her.
  • It helps to strengthen and deepen the connection with baby during pregnancy. Your baby will start to hear and recognise the soft bell of the harmony ball and will move towards it. We provide a guide of mindfulness exercises that can be performed with the harmony ball. We would encourage any member of your family to participate in the relaxation session and enjoy the bonding with baby.
  • After baby is born, the harmony ball can bring calm and relaxation to the baby by reminding him or her of the time spend in your womb.

At what point of my pregnancy can I start wearing a pregnancy necklace?

The legend from Mexico says that the Harmony Ball will protect the mama-to-be and her baby, and was therefore offered as a protective amulet from the first moments of your pregnancy. You can choose to wear your pregnancy necklace as soon as you feel the need to deepen your connection with baby.

When can babies start and hear external sound during pregnancy?

Scientific studies suggest that a foetus will start hearing from the 26th week of pregnancy. One study even suggested that babies could recognise outside world sound that they had heard while in-utero.
According to new research, babies can hear sounds from the outside world and can understand them well enough to retain memories of them after birth.
It has been observed that babies would change their behaviour when their mother's heartbeats are played back to them. The familiar sound is a soothing melody and they begin to suck or fall asleep.

Will the sound of the chiming pendant start and get annoying if I hear it all day long?

The sound from the harmony ball can only be described as harmonious, mesmerising and quite light. Check the video below to hear its delicious sound. A popular misconception is that the harmony ball will be rolling around your belly with every slight movement. It has actually been designed so that it takes a more conscious effort to get it to roll and vibrate.
Another option is to chose and wear the pendant on a shorter necklace. Doing so will ensure to keep the sound to a minimum. It is a stylish accessory that looks great when worn over your heart. This is also what I have chosen to do after my pregnancies.

Is there a way to encourage my baby to listen to the melody of the chiming pendant while I'm pregnant?

All of our pregnancy necklaces come with a guide of mindfulness exercises that can be performed with the pendant. This is the best way for you to relax while at the same time get your baby to listen to the melody.
Choose a quiet time in your day to dedicate a few minutes to this ritual. It could be during the guided mindfulness exercises or after massaging your belly with our organic oil. Set a hand on your baby bump and move your chiming pendant around to gently rock your baby along the rhythm of the melody. 
By incorporating this ritual in your daily life, your baby will associate the sound of the harmony ball with his/her time in the womb.

How could I use my pregnancy necklace once I had my baby?

After hearing the sweet melody of the chiming pendant all along the pregnancy, the well known sound of the harmony is sure to have a calming and soothing effect on your baby.
A great way to support your baby through the transition from womb to earth is to stitch the chiming pendant into your baby's comforter. It will be a source of peace and reassurance for your baby, helping him or her to recall the ease and safety that babies experience in utero.

Can the melody of the chiming pendant truly help and settle a baby?

Through the daily ritual of the relaxation sessions in your last trimester, you would have imprinted a sound memory of peace and reassurance in your baby. This will have created a strong association between the the sound of the jewellery and your reassuring presence. 
The harmony ball will be another tool in your set of strategies to help settle your baby. It will have its place next to other methods like rocking, baby wearing, singing lullabies and more.

Where was the tradition of the bola born?

The tradition of the harmony ball is well known in Mexico, where it is called the “Llamador de Angeles”. It is also well established not far from us, in Bali!
The reason seems to be that the tradition was born many millennia ago when Latin America and Asia formed a single continent. 
Therefore it is equally right to say that this tradition was born in Bali and in Mexico.

Where are your harmony ball necklaces made? What materials are they made of?

Our harmony ball necklaces are made in France. Each pendant is either made from 18k plated gold, 18k plated rose gold or plated silver sterling. We have a wide range of necklaces and you can either chose one made from fair-trade silk, plated gold or silver plated.
This make them true pieces of jewellery that will mark the special time of your pregnancy, similarly to a wedding band symbolising a marriage.
The necklaces and pendants are simple and chic which makes them easy to accessorise with any outfit. You can layer them with other necklaces for a cascading effect.

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