Discover the 7 Best Ways to Use Baby Muslin Wraps

Baby Muslin Wraps are a must-have item in a newborn's suitcase, yet many parents don't know how to use them. Let's take a look at all the possible uses of this “must-have” in your maternity bag.

What are the 7 best ways to use baby muslin wraps?

A muslin wrap is a square piece of fabric, available in different sizes. It should be made from a thin, absorbent material that dries quickly. As it will very often be in contact with baby, it is preferable to choose one made from a natural material. Organic muslin cotton is preferred, softer and healthier for baby.

Muslin Wrap as a baby swaddle

Obviously, the best use of your muslin wrap is to swaddle your baby to sleep. If you swaddle or wrap your newborn, you can reduce wakings and help them settle to sleep. While swaddling is fairly easy, you should follow certain rules to protect your baby.
Swaddling is for infants who are very young and haven't yet begun to roll over (usually 5 to 6 months, but sometimes younger). You should stop swaddling your baby if they can roll onto their tummy or if they don't seem to like it.

Muslin Wrap as a blanket

In summer, during a picnic with friends or family, use the large muslin cloth as a way to install baby on the grass while keeping baby perfectly protected from the ground. The wrap can also be used as protection against the sun. An organic cotton muslin cloth is thin and breathable, so it can be used to lightly cover the stroller when the sun's rays are too strong for baby without trapping the heat.

Muslin Wrap as a changing mat

When traveling with baby, it is difficult to carry all the necessary toiletries, so to travel light, use your wrap as a travel changing mat if you need to change baby on a bed or on a table. The cloth will bring a soft touch to your baby's sensitive little buttocks! In addition, when folded, it takes up little space in your nappy bag.

Muslin Wrap as a bib

When baby drinks her bottle or enjoy her first solid meals, it is imperative to protect her clothes. Forgot to pack a bib? No problem, the wrap will fulfill this mission perfectly! It is easy to tie the wrap around baby's neck, or simply place it on her chest while she drinks from her bottle.

Muslin Wrap as a burp cloth

A large baby wrap will make the perfect burp cloth following baby's bottle or breastfeed. You can use it to protect your shoulder when burping baby. In case of regurgitation, no problem as the wrap washes easily and dries quickly.

Muslin Wrap as a mattress protector

In the cot, the mattress is often protected by a mattress sheet, then by a fitted sheet. But the top of the mattress get often soiled by head perspiration or small milk regurgitation. You can position a cloth wrap under the baby's head as an extra protection. That way you won't have to change the fitted sheet every day. Choose a wrap that's wider than the mattress so you can tuck it in on each side & it stays in place.

Muslin Wrap as a breastfeeding cover

If you feel more comfortable breastfeeding under cover, a muslin wrap is a great option. Put it round your back to the opposite place you intend to nurse, then tuck it under your bra strap, nursing tank, or whatever it is you are using. Then, spread it over the opposite shoulder so you are covered from front to back. That way no skin will be visible and you can feed your baby modestly.

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