Breastfeeding tops: 6 tips to choose the ideal nursing top!

When breastfeeding, you can choose to make do with your usual wardrobe. As long as these clothes make you feel comfortable and safe, you can breastfeed anywhere without much fuss.

Some of us prefer to get extra coverage during feedings. In that case it is often easier to choose a few high quality breastfeeding t-shirts. The best ones will be comfortable, with easy breasts access & stylish of course!

Not easy to decide which one to pick? We give you all the tips to choose THE ideal breastfeeding t-shirt!

Comfortable breastfeeding tops australia

This is the main quality one should expect from a nursing top: comfort: the first few months with your newborn are often demanding, both mentally and physically. Fatigue and stress can be daily companions and any new source of discomfort could be the straw that breaks the camel's back. It is therefore essential to be comfortable in your daily clothing. To achieve this, you'll need two essential elements: size and material.

How to pick the right size for your nursing t-shirt

When we talk about comfort in terms of breastfeeding top, the first order of business is to choose the right size.
Nothing is worse than a t-shirt that is too tight, which would compress your breasts, especially between feedings, when your breast size would be at its maximum.

Pattern and clothes making for women are generally established around the chest measurement which is used as the main measurement.
During the pregnancy and breastfeeding journey, the volume of the breasts varies enormously: you cannot simply order your pre-pregnancy size, at the risk of ending up with an unsuitable size.
Your first step in determining your nursing top size should therefore be to grab a measuring tape and measure your chest circumference.

This step may seem tedious and unnecessary, and one extra thing on the ever growing to-do list, but it is a crucial step. Each brand is free to adopt their own measurement chart, which can cause a lot of variance in sizes.
Imagine having to send back your lovely, freshly unwrapped nursing tee because it sits too tight on your chest!

As an example here is the one we use for all of our nursing clothes.

Tip! Take your chest measurement early in the morning, just before the first breastfeed: this is when the volume of your breasts is the largest.

What is the perfect material for your nursing t-shirt?

A comfortable nursing top should also be carefully chosen based on its fabric. Once you have determined the ideal size, you can select it based on this factor as well.

To allow you to feed your baby, your breastfeeding shirt will need to open and stretch enough to allow room for your breast to come out, at least partially.
If the fabric is too thin or without much stretch, opening and closing repeatedly the breast accesses may pull the sides of the t-shirt forward, and cause stress on the stitches.

Tip! We highly recommend you choose a top made of organic cotton which is grown without the use of pesticides, from seeds which have not been genetically modified. These tops will stretch without problem and allow a comfortable nursing session for you and for baby.

An easy access nursing top, to feed baby comfortably anywhere, all the time!

Material and size are important elements for comfort, but they are not enough: we need to examine closely how the nursing tee conceals the access to the breast!

Many models use a layering system on the chest: two layers of fabric are piled up until it is time to feed. You must then go up the upper layer, and lower the lower layer or the opposite: your breast is found "sandwiched" between the two, which, at the start of feeding, when the breasts are full, is far from comfortable.

Besides the trap feeling of such system, the double layer of fabric keeps you way too warm in summer, and tends to make you sweaty in winter, when your own portable mini human heating system decides for example to take a nap against you.

Tip! When you choose a nursing t-shirt, it is therefore preferable to opt for openings on the sides, which will offer you and baby comfortable access to the breast.

Now that you know the basics about breastfeeding t-shirt comfort and practicality, let's move on to the final crucial piece: style!

A breastfeeding top that makes you happy?

In the midst of a hectic lifestyle with a newborn, focusing on picking the right top may seem pointless. In reality, we believe choosing a stylish nursing top is essential, and we'll explain why.

Feeling pretty when you breastfeed is good for your morale!

Spending the day in your PJ's after an almost sleepless night is very tempting and feels even deserved.
The danger is that this can become quickly a daily habit in which we settle comfortably. Every day, we put on this comfy active wear and our shapeless pregnancy t-shirt.

The problem is that every time we walk past the mirror, we see the reflection of this scruffy stranger, no hair, no makeup and looking like the worst hangover.
We forget to think of ourselves as attractive, dapper and pretty. Over time, we look at ourselves differently.

This is the main issue with self-perception: it influences our mind.
To this feeling of becoming another can be compounded by the isolation that often accompanies the first months with a newborn: your friends have a rhythm of life and concerns so different from yours that it can be very difficult to stay in touch. And it's even more true if you're afraid of being confronted with how they will look at this new "desperate-housewife" you!

Sprinkle this with a little of extra fatigue, and it makes sense that 1 in 5 (20%) Australian mothers of children aged 24 months or less had been diagnosed with depression.

Tip! Resist from falling into the activewear/maternity tshirt combo trap. Keeping your identity as you see it during this period is essential. It will help you cope with all the changes caused by your new baby. 

We'll now talk about the nursing tee that's stylish and flattering for your body shape.

How to pick the nursing top for your body shape?

We all know it: it's crucial to pick clothes according to body type. When we talk about a t-shirt, whether breastfeeding or not, we mainly focus on two parts of your body: belly and chest.

If you had baby recently and you are still carrying a little extra around the waist, a straight-cut or slightly flared t-shirt will do wonders for concealing your curves.

And you're in luck: this shape of tee is trendy these days so you will be spoiled for choices.

If you've been breastfeeding for a long time and are lucky enough to have an hourglass figure, you can pick and wear pretty much anything.

Tip! The size of the breasts has nothing to do with the amount of milk you are able to produce. Let it be said once and for all: small or large breasts, you will be able to meet baby's needs no matter what!

Keep in mind that a round collar close to the neck will enclose the chest and make it appear more voluminous - which can be a bonus or not, depending on the look you are going for.

For a high quality breastfeeding top, go Australian made!

This won't come as a surprise, life with a baby is rather messy: regurgitation, overflowing diapers, small sticky hands... Unless you're the very lucky parent of the cleanest little one on the planet, your nursing tee probably won't go through the day without getting a lot of stains. Fortunately, there is the washing machine and you're probably going through frequent laundry loads already.

The problem with repeated machine wash is that they tend to put a lot of stress on low quality t-shirts - and seem much softer on your Australian made t-shirts. What gives?!

Low quality tees are usually cut in the wrong direction of the thread to save fabric, with weak stitching which are much faster to do.

This results in seams that turn, making ironing a real headache. And even unstitched hem with that thread that follows you everywhere and clings to everything you walk past.

It would be a shame if your perfect breastfeeding t-shirt suffered the same fate, wouldn't it?

To avoid that, here is our final piece of advice:

Tip! Bet on locally made clothing. You will end up with a high quality tee that can sustain many washes and still be handed down to your best friend when you are done. You will also have the added satisfaction of having made a gesture for the planet: lower kilometers traveled by your tee = minimized carbon footprint = better future for our children!

There you go, you are now armed with everything you need to know to choose the perfect breastfeeding t-shirt, the one that will accompany you until the end of your breastfeeding journey, the one that you will hand down to your friends when you have finished breastfeeding or that you will jealously keep to yourself because it looks great, feel comfy and does not even look like a nursing tee!