Harmony ball necklace: ideal pregnancy gifts

Are you looking for the ideal pregnancy gift? Search no more. Our harmony ball necklaces might just be what you need.

As one of our customers attested:

The Perfect Pregnancy Gift.I was searching for something special to give my pregnant daughter in law and I found this perfect gift. Beautifully made. It gives her special down time with her baby. Its so meditative and relaxing. My son also has become involved, bonding with his baby as he listens to the gently sound of the chime. I'm looking forward to seeing our new little ones reaction to the chime once born. I Highly recommend this beautiful piece.

Another of our lovely customers bought one for his wife who is carrying their first child and said:

Such a lovely gift. My wife loved this when she first saw it. She loves jewellery of any kind, but the rose gold Harmony ball is out of this world. It's si intricate and very well made. I have no doubt that I will be ordering again. Great job maison mabe, keep up the great work.

But what is a harmony ball exactly? We tell you everything about the pregnancy necklace and what makes it a perfect pregnancy gift option.

Harmony ball, what is it exactly?

The harmony ball, also known as pregnancy bola, is an ancestral piece of jewellery whose origin is lost in the mists of time. Used by future Mayan mothers and also in Indonesia for centuries, pregnancy bolas appeared in Australia several years ago, where they have since experienced unparalleled success.

The pregnancy bola takes the form of a small ball which contains a copper ball. It is held by a long cord, a satin link or a chain and rests on the belly of the future mother. With each of her movements, the harmony ball will emit a very soft sound like a tinkling. The Mayan mothers call the harmony ball bola Llamador de Angeles, or the call of the angels. True good luck charm it is also considered as a guardian angel for the unborn baby.

What are the benefits of wearing a harmony ball during your pregnancy?

The harmony ball, that you will choose either in silver, gold or rose gold, is above all a very pretty jewel.

You can match it with a silk cord necklace of your choice and even change this cord according to your desires. It will match any outfit, from the most casual to the most elegant. But of course, the pregnancy bola is so much more than that!

First, it will be a real source of relaxation and mindfulness for the future mothers. In a world where everything goes very fast and where pregnant women are expected to continue to live at a frantic pace, the vibrations of the pregnancy bola provide a welcome comfort and the opportunity to refocus on oneself, on her feelings and on this bond so precious that is gradually growing with baby.

Rocked by your voice and by your heartbeat, your baby, who comes into the world soon, is also very sensitive to the sounds outside. From the womb where baby has made his nest, the low frequencies are best perceived. The tinkling of the pregnancy bola will be for him a soft and positive vibration to which he will gradually get used and which will be synonymous with relaxation and well-being.

Mindfulness and Bonding Ritual with baby during pregnancy

From the first days of pregnancy, you can start communicating with baby. As the months go by, the exchanges will become more and more concrete and baby will be able to respond to your requests but also to communicate with you herself, through her movements and rhythm.

Haptonomy, is a tecnic widely used in France, where parents learn to communicate with the baby in utero through touch. Many expecting parents are surprised to observe how responsive their unborn child is to external stimuli and how rich their exchanges can be even before birth.

The pregnancy harmony ball can be a great tool to develop this communication. To support you through this increased communication, here is a four steps ritual you can follow daily.

First, choose a time when you are not likely to be disturbed and that is conductive to relaxation. This is a moment that is dedicated to your well-being and it is important that your mind is completely free and focused on your baby.

  1. Close your eyes, put a hand on your heart and gently roll the harmony ball on your belly.
  2. Smile while thinking about your baby, fully invest this gesture to transmit joy and energy to your baby.
  3. Gently roll the pregnancy bola on your belly, imagining that your baby is rocked by this delicate sound.
  4. Use the pregnancy bola to draw a protective circle around your baby. If baby is receptive at this point, it is quite possible that he will follow the movement of the pregnancy bola! A fascinating experience.

What can I do with my harmony ball once baby is born?

The pregnancy bola takes on a whole new meaning after the birth of the baby. This soft tinkling which will have rocked the child throughout his life in utero will accompany him during the first months of his earthly existence.

Baby will recognize this so particular sound which will remind him of these months spent in the hollow of his mother. So that he can always have it with him and continue to be rocked by this familiar melody, you can insert the pregnancy bola inside one of our comforters that have been specifically made for this purpose.

The perfect and complete pregnancy gift, our mama-baby gift box

This unique gift set comes with a gorgeous harmony ball necklace that you can choose in either silver, gold or rose gold, as well as a soft comforter.

The comforter has been specifically created so that the parents-to-be are able to safely insert the harmony ball in it after the birth. The soft sound will soothe and reassure your baby by reminding her of her time in the womb.

Finally, the gift set comes with a guide to mindfulness exercises for pregnant women with the explanation of the daily ritual that can be followed with your harmony ball.