The most innovative Breastfeeding Tee you'll ever see, made in Australia

With this innovative nursing tee, breastfeed wherever and whenever you want without compromising on privacy. You can be proud of your breastfeeding journey without worrying about being scrutinized by others.

Created by breastfeeding mums for breastfeeding mums

When breastfeeding on demand, it is difficult not to be forced to breastfeed in public unless you decide to remain knockdown at home permanently.

Maison Mabe co-founders have both breastfed 3 children each, and they knew all too well the struggle to find elegant, ethically made clothes that offer easy feeding access. After a year of product development with a group of breastfeeding mamas, we have nailed it!

We have designed the perfect breastfeeding tee to facilitate breastfeeding: our organic tops allow you to breastfeed anywhere easily and discreetly.

Large openings are integrated into the sides to offer mum and baby a comfortable feed.

Maintained closed by simple press studs, very easy to open with one hand, the wide slits will allow you to breastfeed without constraints, while hiding your breasts from view.

And what is even better about these beautiful breastfeeding tops, made from 100% organic cotton, is that they are designed and made here in Melbourne.

Australian Made breastfeeding Tees

Buying "Aussie Made" might be more expensive but it creates jobs and is kinder on the planet

The only downside of our nursing tees: the price of this piece entirely made in Australia might not be within everyone's reach.

The true price of quality and ethical breastfeeding clothes will inevitably discourage some women, because today we have a concept of price which is very distorted.

We easily buy a tee at 20 dollars in a major outlet, knowingly that it is made on the other side of the world and involves economic, ecological and social consequences which are disastrous for humans and for the planet.

We chose to keep our production in Australia and to offer a breastfeeding tee that is made in Melbourne, that pays employees well including paid leave, that creates safe jobs, that showcases know-how, that keeps pollution and kilometers traveled by your clothes to a minimum.

This comes at a cost but that will buy you a tee of the highest quality that you will be proud to hand-down to your best-friend or sister, or to even keep wearing long past your breastfeeding days.

This cost is also what allows us to benefit from a great Australia social and health system that works.

Our made in Australia breastfeeding tees guarantee you an easy, comfortable and discreet breastfeeding experience.