Because mums need mothering too, everything on offer at Maison Mabé is dedicated to care for women from bump, birth, milk and beyond.


Nurturing the mothers

Welcome to Maison Mabé, an online store exclusively devoted to the women behind the children.
From Pregnancy & Maternity Jewellery to Nursing Tops made from Organic Cotton in Australia & Pregnancy Organic Skincare, the luxurious range of products has been curated to support pregnant women and new mothers focusing on self-care.
Baby Always but Mama first.

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Our Story

Founded in 2020, Maison Mabé is the blend of Marie and Bérengère, our founders' names - as well as Maman & Bébé, which means Mum and Baby in French.

Bérengère and Marie met at the park over 3 years ago while pushing their same aged daughters on the swings and both carrying a very pregnant belly.

Along their journey through motherhood, Marie and Bérengère were unable to find an Australian shop that focus on the woman behind the children, so they decided to create it for themselves.

The result? A community focused on sisterhood, with quality products, giving back and sustainability at the centre of it all.